With only one paint colour, water, and some inspiration, this uneventful corridor was turned into something fresh and outdoorsy, that looks towards the Arts & Crafts interiors. The tender green sets off the warm wood, while the fronds visually shorten the long left wall. April 2020. 
Biererei Bar

This mural adorns the wall of a connoisseur's beer bar in Kreuzberg. While matching the colour scheme of the bar, it also suggests factory posters from the 1920's. It represents the brewing process, ingredients, and machinery and ends, of course, with a toast. Berlin Kreuzberg, 2018.

Beautique Palm Lounge

An ongoing project, also in collaboration with Skjerven Group, Beautique is a high quality residential block, featuring a private lounge open to all residents. The jewel tones and gold colour scheme is enhanced by two large murals and detailing such as gold shimmer on textured walls. Berlin Charlottenburg, 2019-2020.

Lounge in upmarket apartment complex, Berlin - Charlottenburg. In keeping with the contemporary but luxurious feel of this spacious, luminous lounge space, the gold geometric shapes, loosely inspired from a Metropolis poster, set off the deep jewel blue of the wall. The two colours are carried through the entire decoration scheme, as seen on the close-up of the textured columns. More to come from this ongoing project. Client: A-state Immobilien. 2019-2020.
Ku'Damm Head Office & 32
Skjerven Group, Berlin. Both office floors have been redecorated, using a variety of finishes. A dark tobacco marble in the CEO's office. Imitation concrete wall panels, two slogan walls and an antique gold column in the open plan lounge and small reunion room. 2019
Da Vinci fresco
Bedroom, residential home, France. The aim was to use classical drawings (sketches by Leonardo Da Vinci) reflecting the house owners’ interests, albeit in a contemporary manner. The use of watercolour and pencil allowed for a varied but soft colour scheme. 2015
Berlin Skyline

Commercial project for the Century 21 Berlin City Center agency. Fresco representing Berlin landmarks in the style of the murals near Alexander Platz. Rendering and acrylic paint. 2015

Summer Sky & Pirate’s Den

Sky and clouds painted with acrylics directly over the wall.
The pirate’s den is a collaboration with carpenter Julien Rousselle, who built the structure around a single bed. The wood was then stained to imitate the effect of seawater, and decorated with the pirate’s best friends: a parrot and a skull! Private client, Berlin, May 2016

New York Cityscape

For a teenager who lives in Berlin but is eager to travel, this black marker pen cityscape drawn directly on the wall provides another horizon. Private client, Berlin, June 2016.


To liven up the decoration of the TOP Radio Vermarktung group’s offices, three rooms (Live Performance Auditorium, Staff’s Lounge and Meeting Room) and the corridor that links them had their ceilings sprinkled with a flowing, dynamic triangle pattern, positioned to lead the eye from one part of the offices to another. Berlin, September 2016

A collaboration with HELL Architekten

Das Baumhaus

Das Baumhaus is a communal space based in the Wedding district of Berlin, built and decorated from salvaged and eco-friendly materials. The decoration phase is far from over, and many more photos will appear in the coming weeks.

For now: mosaic and paint join forces to create this stunning mural, representing roots and soil. Mosaics from reclaimed tiles and ceramic objects, textured mineral paint tinted with pigments.
A collaboration with Nina Brachmann.

Berlin, September 2016.

Winter Palace
Private manor, Austria. Corridor decorated in the style of a gallery in the Winter Palace in St Petersburg. Elemnts of decoration involve faux marble, stucco, classical ornamentation and trompe l’oeil. Ongoing. Project led by decorator Alfonso Orombelli:

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